A quote is an important document written down for professionals who offer and sell services. It is a commercial tool which can take the place of a contract when it is signed. So, what is the legal value of a quote? What are the mandatory legal mentions and how to write it well? We explain you all in this article.

Definition of a quote

The definition of quotes can be summarized as follows: it is a commercial proposal made by a supplier for a customer. This document is valid for a certain period of time, during which the customer can accept or refuse it.

Its primary function is therefore that of a commercial tool, indicating the price of a service before the customer commits himself. Quotes is structured like an invoice, with the list of services associated with their price. This allows the client and the professional to agree on the service before it starts.

The legal value

What does the law say about a quote? For the professional, a quote has the value of a contract offer. During all its validity, this one commits himself to propose the services mentioned in it, without modifications of the prices or the conditions afterwards. But as long as it is not signed, this document does not answer any legislation.

As for the customer, he has the choice to sign or not the document. If he accepts, he commits himself to pay for the service as soon as he signs with the mention “Good for agreement” or “Good for work”. He accepts the prices charged and the proposed deadlines. If he refuses the signature, the quote becomes null and void (it must still be paid if the professional decides to invoice it). On the other hand, a signed quote is worth as an agreement between the two parts.

Quote vs contract: what is the difference?

Signing an quote has the same legal value as signing a contract, what is the difference between the two?

Even if these two documents have the same value in terms of commitment of the parties, a quotation does not contain as much information as the contract. It only includes the essential terms of the transaction, without going into details.

From a legal security point of view, this document is therefore less secure than a contract in due form. After a signed quote, it is therefore advisable to draw up a contract to define and cover all the terms of the service and thus avoid potential disputes.

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