Personal Injury

Personal injury is a type of tort law that covers private or civil wrongs or injuries. This could include defamation or an action for bad faith breach of contract. The principal goal of tort law is to make the party that was injured whole again and to discourage the other from repeating a similar offense.

In US law, there are three primary types of harm that can be caused to an individual. These are personal injuries, damage to property, and damage to one’s reputation.

A case of personal injury is generally brought when somebody suffers of actual emotional or physical harm. Injuries of a party that acted carelessly or maliciously can be the cause.

Types of Personal Injuries

A personal injury lawsuit will typically have three principal issues to cover that arise after an accident:

  • Actual physical harm
  • Suffering and pain
  • Emotional distress

Actual physical harm is a pretty straightforward concept to grasp. If someone was injured in a car accident by a driver that was reckless, the injured person can expect that a compensation is in place.
This compensation would take care of existing medical expenses, and it can also cover future medical bills that are anticipated. This can include extra surgeries, care at home, physical therapy and any other thing that could help the party injured try to get back to some sort of normalcy.

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