Insurance Discount

Many insurers offer a discount or rebate on your auto insurance premium for reduced use of your vehicle.

Some insurers apply it immediately to all their automobile insurance clients, without them having to contact them to benefit from it.

For others, you must contact your broker or an agent of the insurer, by phone or by filling out an online form.

Your insurer’s response is not acceptable to you. What should you do?

Many of you may have a negative response from your insurer, following the sending of a letter. Don’t let them have the last word! Start the procedure again by contacting customer service.
If you are a loyal member with a history of insurance, tell your contact that you are quite willing to compete and therefore to change insurance companies if they do not agree to a commercial gesture.
To get a discount, renegotiate your contract or find a better rate with the same guarantees, take the time to visit online comparators.

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