Insurance coverage

What is insurance coverage? You can request a certificate of insurance from the insurer when you take out insurance. Depending on the insurer, it can be obtained by mail, by e-mail or by downloading it from your personal space on the insurer’s website, via computer or smartphone.

When taking out a car insurance policy, the insurer is rarely able to provide you with the agreement signed by both parties. If the reimbursement of the purchase of corrective lenses, medical transportation, analyses in medical laboratories this offers you optimal coverage. However, the conditions for this affiliation vary according to the nationality and age of the applicant.

The level of coverage is the extent of all the guarantees offered in an insurance contract. This is a point that should not be neglected, since it will determine the coverage offered by the insurer in the event of a claim.

It is also important to understand that the more extensive the level of coverage, the more expensive the bill may be. Therefore, it is important, even crucial, to study the offers carefully in order to choose which offer is the most adapted to one’s profile and especially to one’s needs.

What are the different levels of coverage?

The level of coverage is divided into three categories. For example, the insurance formulas can present a basic level of coverage, that is to say that for health, for example, the mutual insurance company only takes care of the moderator ticket. In car, motorcycle or scooter insurance, the most basic formula is the third party formula with a limited level of coverage.

In addition, insurance companies can also offer an intermediary formula allowing the insured to benefit from a more optimal protection. The closest example is the extended third party insurance.

The last type of insurance offered with a very extensive level of coverage is comprehensive insurance. This so-called top-of-the-range formula offers the possibility of benefiting from higher indemnities. It goes without saying that the cost of the insurance, of the complementary insurance will depend on the formula chosen by the future insured.

What is a cover note?

When an insurance company is unable to issue a final insurance contract, the insured is given a provisional contract called a cover note.

The cover note is a contractual document that establishes with the insured a provisional guarantee for a given risk for a certain period of time, while waiting for the conclusion of the definitive insurance contract.

The cover note is:

  • A written document signed by the insurer, indicating the essential elements of the coverage ;
  • a provisional means of proof in the event of a claim. Neither its content nor its form is regulated and it is not based on any legal text;
  • Lapsed when it is replaced by the final insurance policy.

The insured is obliged to pay the insurer even for this cover note.

The cover note also allows an insurance company to issue provisional coverage to an insured while waiting for a policy review or risk calculation.

  • If the final insurance contract is not concluded, the cover note ceases to be effective on the date mentioned on the cover note;
  • In some cases, the cover note may be considered as final insurance cover beyond the period indicated.

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