In its original meaning, “compensation” is financial compensation to make good an injury. “Compensation”, “restitution” and “reparation” are synonymous. The use of these words refers to all kinds of settlements without regard to the type of damage suffered, whether physical, moral, or patrimonial, nor to the fact that the sum may find its cause in a contractual, quasi-contractual or statutory relationship, or in a tortious or quasi-tort situation. In administrative language, as well as in labor law, the word is used to designate an accessory salary that is not included in the salary, but which is paid as remuneration for a service requirement or as reimbursement of an expense incurred by the employee that the employer covers (for example, transportation or meal expenses).

What are the different principles of compensation?

There are two types of insurance: indemnity insurance and lump sum insurance.

In the case of indemnity insurance, the indemnity corresponds to the amount of the loss or loss of profit. No more, no less. This means that the indemnity cannot enrich the insured in any way. Similarly, the insured must not be impoverished by the occurrence of the risk. This is the indemnity principle.

In the case of lump-sum insurance, we speak of a lump-sum indemnity. It corresponds to the amount of the commitment made by the insurer when the contract was concluded. Nevertheless, it can be lower than the loss or the loss of profit if the insurer has limited his commitment by fixing a deductible and/or a ceiling.

What is the compensation process after a car accident?

There are a few steps to follow when opening a file. Here they are, in order, so that you have everything you need to make your claim for compensation.

Contact the police

If you are feeling overwhelmed, rest assured that this feeling is perfectly natural. Road accidents are scary events, even when they are minor fender-benders. Whether or not there is an injury, it is normal to feel stressed. You will probably need a police report for your file. The first step is to contact the local authorities to fill out this report.

Opening a file for a car accident claim

Do you know how to open a road accident file? If you already have your police report, the next step is to contact your car insurance. It is much faster to use the online services on a car insurance website than to call to receive your forms and open your file.

If you are unsure of the procedure after a traffic accident, we invite you to contact a lawyer specialized in car insurance files.

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